nequi It has revolutionized the way Colombians manage their money, becoming one of the most loved applications when transferring, receiving and paying for services. However Insecurity continues to be a problem For such platforms.

It is very important to know what to do if your mobile device is stolen or lost. protect your money. Therefore, Nequi offers a fast and secure solution to lock your account and prevent unauthorized access.

(Also: Nequi offers a loan discount of up to 500 thousand pesos: how to access this?)

Nequi explains the steps to block your account via the web portal: “If you need to block your Nequi because you lost your mobile phone, You are a victim of other people’s friends or if you have been impersonated by someone else, follow the steps below.

To block Nequi account in case the mobile phone is stolen or lost, users must follow these steps:

-Enter and select ‘Login’.
-Enter your mobile phone number and password.
-Click ‘Lock your Nequi‘ and confirm account lock.

“You are the most important thing to us and we want your money Always be safe in Nequi“, This is the ad that will appear when you select ‘Block Your Nequi’.

This is a preventive measure to help you prevent your account from being raided.

If you want to find your device or recover your account, you need to do the following:

-Re-download the app or log in to the platform as usual.
– Enter your mobile phone number associated with the account.
-Verify your identity with a photo and change your account password.
-Enter the 4 digits you received in a text message.

If you encounter difficulties in application, remember this. You can use the help button You can find it on their website or contact customer service via available phone lines.


Source: Exame

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