OX, formerly Twitter, has begun rolling out support for passkeys (“access keys” in Portuguese) on iPhone for users around the world. The news was announced this Monday (8) by the official profile of the @Safety platform, along with a support link that teaches how to activate the authentication tool.

Passkeys are a new authentication method that uses more effective authentication features such as device PIN, Face ID (on iPhone), biometrics, or facial recognition instead of passwords. The solution has been developed for years and has been gradually implemented in various web services for a long time.

Now available on the X, iPhone users no longer need to memorize traditional passwords to log into their accounts. The function uses Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate the user.

“Passcode keys make logging in easy and convenient. Once set up, you can use your password to sign in to your account across devices without having to remember or reset a forgotten password,” X explains on its support page.

Passwords are strong against phishing and data leaks because they are not tied to traditional passwords. The access key is generated only on the device, making the authentication process more secure.

iOS compatibility

X’s new feature is limited to systems where toggle switches are supported (so iOS 16 or newer). Therefore, old devices were put aside.

To enable password keys on your X account, you need to log in, go to the “Your Account” section in the navigation bar, Settings and privacy > Security and account access > Security and access the “Password” option. To configure the feature, you will first need to confirm your traditional password.

If this feature hasn’t appeared in your app yet, it’s worth checking the App Store to see if updates are available.

Source: Tec Mundo

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