There has always been a belief that a good projector should be expensive. Cheap or inexpensive ones have their own serious disadvantages. But the Chinese Yaber was able to surprise.

Just don’t immediately run to the comments with statements about another “Chinese”. Here the situation is different: the brand is known all over the world and occupies one of the leading places in sales in the USA and Europe. It is also the #1 projector brand on Amazon.

The company has received several design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and The Best OF IFA 2022 Awards. In general, not no-names, a respected brand that has just come to Russia.

Still not convinced? Well then, now let’s talk about our new product: the Yaber Pro U6 projector. The case when it’s cheap (20 thousand rubles) does not mean bad.

Everything you need is included

The very first thing that pleases us is the preparation bags for carrying the projector. This greets us straight out of the box.

The device itself and additional accessories to change it inside. Namely:

► remote control
► instructions
► HDMI cable
► AV cable
► cloth for lens care

This entire set that is presented fits into a bag.

The mini-backpack itself is also designed with an emphasis on comfort. It has two compartments: for the projector and accessories, and also has a pocket for small items.

Looks stylish. And expensive for the price

The manufacturer initially specializes in inexpensive equipment, so it creates it taking into account the desires of the mass consumer. And the stake on design is high – it’s not in vain that this has been achieved in this area.

More on auxiliary sources later, but for now let’s talk about the appearance. It impresses with its curves and overall brevity.

Although the projector body is made of plastic, thanks to its matte black color there are no fingerprints left on it. The color of the device is upper upper, slightly raised, panel, covered cloth. on her control buttons. They press with a clear click, are slightly rounded, but do not penetrate the fingers. In the gap between the panel and the main body there is a thin LED status indicator panel.

The front panel consists of a large lens, a covered lid, a window for receiving signals from the panel, and a small sensor for measuring image depth.

The filter can be removed in a couple of steps

There are holes on the sides for ventilation. On the left is a cooling radiator, and on the right is a special filter for filtering out dust. That is, it will not get inside the gadget. The filter itself is removable and easy to clean.

Finally, there are various ports at the rear:

▪️ RJ45 for network connection
▪️ two USB for external drives
▪️ 3.5 mm headphone jack
▪️ input AB
▪️two HDMI inputs

You can also see a small speaker here. He plays quite decently for his height, but more on that below.

Below, in addition to four legs, there is a fifth. It is needed to change the angle of the projector. It is also removable so you can screw the projector to a tripod.

The hardware is good for a portable model

The projector brightness is 600 ANSI lumens (about 1440 LED lumens), the contrast reaches 1500:1. That is, it is quite enough for a night watching a movie at home.

Here you can expand the picture on a diagonal from 40 to 150 inches. In our experience, the maximum speed for the best quality image will be around 100-110 inches.

Every time you turn on the projector automatically adjusts the picturecorrectly speaking, sharpness and the use of trapezoidal inclusions (included in the source if necessary).

Android is responsible for performance in Yaber Pro U6. This is a completely independent device that does not require external sources. There is even a small store of specialized applications, such as online cinemas and YouTube.

To control the device there is a separate proprietary application MHShare. With its help, you can duplicate the screen of a smartphone or tablet on a projector (connection via modem mode or shared Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz/Wi-Fi 6), and also control it manually instead of the remote control. The virtual remote control has the same buttons as the remote control.

If desired, you can connect an external storage device, such as a flash drive. They have their own personal manager.

To the detriment, everything is automatic and fast. All you have to do is turn on the projector, log in to your Google account and enjoy. What pleases is the complete Russification of the interface. And it’s not clumsy, as is often the case, and in all the menus everything is written normally.

The picture is good, but don’t come up with anything weird

I’ll start with the main thing. Of course, during the day, the victims cover the window so they can see the image clearly. Everything is broadcast using LCD technology; don’t think about any OLED displays.

Shows the projector image in native resolution 1080p (supports upscale to 4K). Tested a couple of movies with Apple TV+ and YouTube videos.

Overall the picture is clear. In some photos there may be a temporary increase in light on the screen, but this is not due to the projector, but due to the additional lighting for shooting. Dark scenes in films turn out really dark, with a slight gray characteristic of LCD displays.

The image is transmitted smoothly, without jerks or oversharpening. It’s pleasing to the eye, nothing unnerves or irritates. During the day, comfort noticeably decreases, but as soon as you close the window, the situation immediately changes in the direction of deviation.


You can even play with this projector. But this is more for fans of games with projectors on a huge screen and a non-specialized monitor. Personally, I’m not a fan of such solutions, but judging by the reviews and my friends, there really are such people, and there are quite a lot of them.

In general, the image for the game is ok – for FIFA, NBA, and so on, it will definitely go great. It is convenient to play on such a project, it does not take up much space (260x230x110 mm) and looks great in any interior. The rear even produces a comfortable picture in a relatively compact apartment.

Alternatively, a router can also be useful in the office. You don’t even need to take a special screen; the image quality is quite decent on a regular white wall or even on a suspended ceiling.


By the way, if you were worried that the projector would make noise, everything is fine. While watching his films no one heard at all in the room. This is a huge plus. And there are no stoves around it.

Built-in speaker power 5 W enough for a family movie after work. It’s not very loud, but it’s balanced. Perhaps the bass is a little lacking, but if there are no other speakers, then this is quite a workable option.

And so, if you really want, you can connect either a wireless speaker via Bluetooth 5.0 or via a 3.5 mm port to the projector.

Making every penny

The Yaber Pro U6 turns out to be a truly versatile projector. He is good in both games and movies. It’s clear that with your conversations.

A new product in Russia costs about 20 thousand rubles. rubles And this is really the case when you don’t regret spending money on it. All declared functions work as expected. Plus, the equipment is rich, which is also rare. In general, you have to take it.

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