A. digital lock It is a great investment for those who want to have more security at home. More convenience for those who tend to lose their keys.

Being able to log into your private environment using your fingerprint, numerical password or even an app is much more convenient and can guarantee greater peace of mind when you’re away from home.

The most important point when choosing a digital lock is to understand the functions and types of models offered by the market, for example: built-in models, models integrated with virtual assistants such as Alexa, and options with or without handles.

Later, Before purchasing a digital lock, be sure to analyze its features. to see if it is compatible with your port and if the functions meet your goals.

Another important point to analyze is the price and therefore a List of offers including some Intelbras optionsA reference in digital locks and smart locks.

Check out some of the options below and don’t forget to access the links to learn more about the models!

Intelbras Digital Locks are on sale

  • Digital Lock Intelbras FR 10 for Internal and External Use for R$ 264.00
  • Digital Overlay Touch Screen Lock Intelbras FR 101 for R$ 359.00
  • Intelbras IFR 3000 Smart Mortise Lock with Handle for R$ 899.90
  • Digital Lock with doorknob and Intelbras FR 320 card reader for R$ 986.90
  • Intelbras FR 400 Digital Overlay Lock for Glass Doors for R$ 1,027.00
  • Smart Mortise Lock with Handle, compatible with Alexa, Intelbras IFR 3000+ for R$ 1,199.00
  • Intelbras IFR 7001 Mortise Izy Smart Smart Lock, Without Handle for R$ 1,599.00
  • Handleless Smart Mortise Lock + Hub Compatible with Alexa Intelbras IFR 7001+ for R$ 1.729,00
  • Digital Mortise Lock Intelbras FR 330 with door handle and digital reader for R$ 1,735.90
  • Handle and Biometric Smart Mortise Smart Lock IZY Intelbras IFR 7000 by 1.759,90 TL
  • Smart Mortise Lock with Handle + Hub Compatible with Alexa Intelbras IFR 7000+ for R$ 1,999.00

Offers are valid for a limited time; Visit the official Intelbras page on Amazon and find other solutions for a connected and modern home!

Source: Tec Mundo

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