Teens still love the iPhone, but Apple can’t convince them to use its services

86% of young consumers in the US own an iPhone

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Apple managed to reach young people with its market strategy, much better than other companies. In fact, according to the latest data from a study conducted by Piper Sandler at the end of 2023, Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone among young people.

The research firm conducts major surveys each year to publicize consumer interests. Last year, data showed that 87% of teens in the United States own an iPhone.

Currently the numbers haven’t changed much; young people continue to love the Apple iPhone and also the Apple Watch. Here are the details of Piper Sandler’s annual spring 2024 survey: 85 percent of US teenagers have an iPhone and not only that, but also 86% plan to buy an iPhone as your next personal phone.

Apple’s iPhone is a huge success among young people

Apple’s dominance in regions like the US or Japan, where more than half of smartphones are iPhones, is overwhelming, imperial and crushing. Especially among the youngest. This is very relevant information right now because The company is facing a social lawsuit after being embroiled in several controversies regarding patent infringements, new European laws and antitrust lawsuits..

Therefore, young people’s intention and interest in purchasing the iPhone are more important than ever for Apple.

Trends towards high-end phones are encouraging as the company (Apple) continues to introduce new iPhone models, demonstrating the strength of its product portfolio.

On the other hand, Piper Sandler’s survey also reflects this: 34% of young people use Apple Watch. Unlike the iPhone example, the figures regarding survey participants’ purchase intentions increased slightly. 13% of young people plan to buy Apple Watch for the next six months.

It is only worth noting that 39.4% of the adolescents who participated in the survey stated that they own a smart watch.. Therefore, the market share of Apple Watch remains quite high in this sector.

Finally, before finishing, it is interesting to note that: 44% of teens in the United States have used Apple Pay during the last month before the survey. It is the most popular mobile payment platform in the North America region.

The incompatible note is available in Apple services. Apparently, the company didn’t know how to reach a younger audience with Apple Music or Apple TV+ platforms. Young people prefer to use other services such as Spotify, Netflix or Disney+.

Source: i Padizate

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