The demand for electric vehicles in Russia will grow by an average of 38% annually and in 2033 will reach the level of 340 thousand cars per year. Vedomosti writes about this in reference to Strategy Partners’ forecast.

Strategy Partners analysts predicted a sharp increase in sales of electric vehicles in the Russian Federation


Forecasts indicate an increase in demand for electric passenger cars, light electric trucks and rechargeable hybrids. Experts expect that in the coming years the demand for this type of transport in Russia will grow at a very rapid pace.

According to the base scenario, the country’s electric vehicle fleet will reach 1.78 million units by the end of this decade and will grow 47 times compared to 2023. Of them, 109,000 will be electric trucks.

Analysts attribute the sharp increase in demand for electric vehicles to a number of factors, including programs to support the production and sale of such vehicles in the Russian Federation, as well as the expected decrease in the cost of batteries. .

Previously, a charging station for electric vehicles manufactured entirely in Russia was developed in St. Petersburg. Its power is 15 kW, it is mobile: it only needs a power outlet to operate. The station can charge all electric vehicles on the Russian market.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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