This technology, based on the use of large language models, can significantly reduce the time and cost of this process. Previously, data preparation for machine learning training was carried out by annotators or specially selected crowdsourcing providers, requiring significant time and financial costs. Thanks to the developed system, this process can now be completed three times faster and twice cheaper than before.

Using artificial intelligence to mark up texts allows you to achieve high-quality computing. At the same time, experts managed to create a multi-stage hierarchical scheme that minimizes the need to involve human experts for marking. Now large language models like ChatGPT can mimic human labeling of language data to train AI models.

This new technology offers wide opportunities for application in various fields where text data processing is required. It can be used to train AI models in various industries such as medicine, finance, education and others. Scientists hope that their development will help significantly accelerate the development and application of artificial intelligence in many areas of human activity.

Source: Ferra

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