We celebrate one of the most appreciated beverages in Brazil and other countries, World Coffee Day (14) is an event highlighting the importance of coffee and its producers worldwide.

Coffee, offered in different forms such as American style, espresso, cappuccino and even iced, is constantly present in our daily lives, in bars, workplaces or in the comfort of our homes.

And for those who enjoy good coffee and are looking for a new coffee machine, TecMundo We’re here to help! We have prepared a selection for you of the opportunities you can benefit from on this special date. Coffee machines for sale on Amazon.

Among the options, you’ll find everything from the simplest models to the most advanced espresso machines. Up to 50% off and free shipping for Prime Members. Check it out below:

  • Arno Dolce Gusto Genio S Plus Espresso Coffee Machine 50% off
  • Nespresso Vertuo Pop Espresso Coffee Machine 34% off
  • Arno Dolce Gusto Genio S Basic Espresso Coffee Machine 43% off
  • Três Corações Passione Expresso Coffee Machine 16% off
  • Delta Q Quick Espresso Coffee Machine 19% off
  • Philips Walita 1200 Series Espresso Coffee Machine 38% off
  • Britânia 15 Temp Electric Coffee Machine 34% off
  • Oster Flavor Electric Coffee Machine, 1.5L 16% off
  • Cadence Urban Pop Electric Coffee Machine, 1.2 L, 27% off
  • Cadence Desperta Constrast Electric Coffee Machine, 750ml 16% off
  • Cadence Dream Rosé Gold Electric Coffee Machine + Thermal Cup 21% off
  • Electrolux ECM30 Electric Coffee Machine, 1.5L 19% off
  • Mondial Dolce Arome Electric Coffee Machine 27% off
  • Electrolux ECM25 Electric Coffee Machine, 1.2L 29% off
  • Mimo Style Italian Moka Steel Coffee Machine, 300ml 47% off

Among our offers for coffee lovers, we could not leave out the best tastes and aromas for you to enjoy the quality drink.

Check out some of these below Offers on L’OR, Nespresso, 3 Corações, Orfeu products and more at Amazon:

  • 3 Corações Roasted and Ground Coffee, Portinari 1957 edition R$ 15.49
  • L’Or Lungo Estremo Coffee Capsules, 10 pcs. for R$ 27.90
  • Orfeu Classic Coffee Beans, 250G, R$ 24.99
  • Café Irmas Pereira Yellow Bourbon, 500G, R$ 27.91
  • 3 Corações Roasted and Ground Coffee, Portinari 1947 edition R$ 15.49
  • Nespresso Intenso Coffee Capsules, 50 pcs. for R$ 136.28
  • Balanced Nespresso Coffee Capsules, 50 pcs. for R$ 136.00
  • L’Or Montanhas Capixabas Instant Coffee, 84g, R$ 21.29
  • 3 Corações Roasted and Ground Coffee, Portinari 1942 edition R$ 16.99
  • Baggio Coffee Bourbon Roasted and Ground Coffee, 250G, R$ 31.90
  • Baggio Café Roasted and Ground Coffee, Mint Chocolate, 250G, R$ 24.90
  • Baggio Café Roasted and Ground Coffee, Hazelnut Chocolate, 250G, R$ 23.99
  • Baggio Café Roasted and Ground Coffee, Truffle Chocolate, 250G, R$ 24.49

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Amazon website and Secure your new coffee machine at a special price!


Source: Tec Mundo

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