For a hundred years, Disney has managed to create a cinematic universe in which fantastic stories have a privileged place. Moreover, thanks to this, the studio achieved what seemed impossible. Grow with the majority of your audience and become a fundamental part of the entertainment world. This, without losing the sense of unusualness and his penchant for stories set in surprising and enchanting settings.

Some of the previous evolution was almost indirectly inherited by Disney+. The subscription service has in its catalog not only most of the company’s classics, but also all its versions and updates.

Including various sequels, spin off and in fact live action. It’s a way to celebrate the love of the studio’s great stories while making its point more and more obvious. The fantasy genre remains crucial to understanding brand influence and as well as its importance in the future.

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To prove it, we leave you with five magical adventures you can enjoy right now on Disney+. About three witches who come to the human world to turn everything upside down, in the animated version of the reimagining of the famous franchise. The choice shows that the studio and its online platform have extraordinary and fantastic conditions, They still play an important role in his stories.

Aruna’s magic

Mima (Jamilli Mariano) is an ordinary teenager. Or at least he tries his best to be so. The one in full growth and almost by accident discovered that he has magical abilities. And not just anyone. So strong that it can cause all sorts of problems. Moreover, being able to perceive the feelings of other people, You will find yourself in the middle of all sorts of uncomfortable situations that will make your life a disaster.

In search of a solution, Mima will make an extravagant decision. It is the summoning of three witches from the past that allows him to not only understand their abilities. Also, teach them to use them for the benefit of others. But what begins as a crazy experiment ends up as a complex accident. All this by undoing a centuries-old spell and freeing Latifah (Erica Januza), Juno (Giovanna Eubank) and Chloe (Cleo Pires), three powerful sorceresses on a mission.

Things will only get worse when Mima finds herself in the middle of the situation and is forced to lend a helping hand. With elements of Latin American witch mythology, The Magic of Aruna is perfect for enjoying a new take on the fantastical. Moreover, when Mima discovers that in saving the world, she begins by saving herself.

Owl House

Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles) is a dreamer with only one goal. Discover all the extraordinary things the world has in store for her. And he will discover this when he finds the entrance to the magical kingdom, where he will learn about great abilities. But there’s only one problem: she has nothing to offer.

Despite this, you will have to accept that even this training comes with some challenging responsibilities. This story is about a heroine who wants to become one, but doesn’t know how, and she has everything. to be a tongue-in-cheek version of the great cinematic heroes.

But it is also a charming story about the value of will and great imaginary deeds. By the time Luz understands the true meaning of power, she will have to face everything that comes with it. The greatest – magical – adventure you can ever experience.

Mila in the Multiverse

And in the midst of the popularity of alternate realities and possible futures, Disney+ has its own version that also explores some traditional themes. Mila (Laura Luz) is a teenager with extraordinary abilities. It is a journey through the multiverse at will. Something that will give you the opportunity to try to unravel the mystery of your life. The place where his mother is.

The series, which plays with the possibilities of a variety of scenarios, also has an interesting take on parallel universes. Each has its own rules, as well as a potential enemy. The Controlled, a species of vigilantes ready to destroy entire worlds and realities, are hot on his heels. And this despite the fact that our heroine is running away from them.

Halfway between science fiction and fantasy, Mila in the Multiverse plays with the possibility that love is at the center of every quest and adventure. This may sound corny – and sometimes it is – but it also gives the story a lot of heart.

Eternal youth

This 2002 film combines romance with a time-traveling adventure that requires difficult decisions. What happens if you discover that the love of your life is immortal?

That’s the question Vinnie Foster (Alexis Bledel, from Gilmore Girls And The Handmaid’s Tale). Moreover, when the possibility that She may be part of a select group, she becomes increasingly close and necessary to fulfill her love.

But things are not that simple, and Vinny will be faced with a dilemma: is love enough to share a life that lasts forever. Little by little, what begins as the most charming romance will end with a painful decision that will prove that love has all the answers. However, they may not be what we expect.

Night at the Museum: The Return of Kahmunra

The film trilogy is coming to Disney+ as an animated series that brings out the best of the famous idea. Namely: everything that happens in the largest museums when the lights go out and the doors close to the public.

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But this time the leader of the adventure will be Nick (Joshua Bassett), the son of Larry (Ben Stiller). As if as a legacy, it will pass on to a new generation not only the corridors of the museum, but also its secrets. That is, until an old enemy returns from the shadows – in more ways than one –to take back your power and pursue the world.

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