Phil Schiller, Apple’s former senior vice president of marketing and now an emeritus adviser and head of the App Store, said in court that he doesn’t know how much money app stores make.

Schiller reported this in an Australian court. The plaintiff is Epic Games, which accuses Apple of using its App Store review to maximize its own profits at the expense of developers.

Schiller was called as a witness. He said he’s not sure the App Store is profitable. Moreover, neither he nor Apple expected this.

A – Epic Games lawyer
Sh – Phil Schiller

A: Are you saying that you have no idea whether the App Store was profitable?

Sh: I believe it is profitable. I’m just saying that “profit” is a specific financial number that is not a report of what time I receive and how much time I spend. This is not how we measure our performance as a team.

A: You are guilty, what will be your return on investment?

Sh: As far as I remember, no.

A: Considering, do you have, for example, any financials, projected profits before you take a 30 percent commission?

Sh: As far as I remember, no.

A: Are you telling His Honor that the decision was made without any comparative study of what revenue stream would be generated by paying a community commission of 30 percent?

Sh: Right.

Shiller was also asked why there were very few written protocols between senior executives, hinting that they had something to hide.

Schiller responded that recordings of meetings between the top executive stopped after Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. And this practice is still used in the company. [9to5Mac]

Source: Iphones RU

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