While Microsoft wants all computers with artificial intelligence to have a special button, Logitech wants to go further and put the shortcut on the mouse. This Tuesday (17) the company presented: Logitech AI Prompt Builder, an app integrated with ChatGPT, can be accessed via a dedicated button on the peripheral.

This is not a simple shortcut: Logitech AI Prompt Builder also provides suggestions for interactions with the chatbot. You can request message reviews, text summaries, prepare replies, and compose emails in a few clicks. chatbots more convenient and intuitive.

Like other apps with a similar purpose, Logitech AI Prompt Builder includes extra options like changing the tone of the text, asking for more cohesion or more subjectivity, changing the style and text structure, and adjusting the size.

HE Logitech app released as additional software for the company’s micebut not all: older models are left out and obviously only those with extra buttons are compatible.

In the announcement, the company also introduced the artificial intelligence version of Logitech M750. The mouse is very similar to the standard version but has a special colored button for AI Prompt Builder. The peripheral will be sold only in the United States and the United Kingdom for US$49.99 (approximately R$260).

Only works with ChatGPT

According to Logitech, the app only works with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and only in English. This limits the tool’s reach and possibilities, and it’s unclear whether the manufacturer intends to expand platform support to other chatbots such as Google’s Gemini or Microsoft’s Copilot.

Although current implementation is limited, Logitech’s project demonstrates another way to make AI chatbots easier to use in daily life.

Source: Tec Mundo

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