Nothing New wireless headphones Ear and Ear (a) have been introduced in the company’s transparent design.

The headphones look about the same. You can distinguish them by color and case. Only Nothing Ear(a) is available in yellow.

Both pairs of headphones have active noise cancellation with the ability to drown out noise up to 45 dB, protection from water and dust according to the IP54 standard.

The difference is that the Nothing Ear case supports wireless charging, an advanced equalizer, and a Bass Enhance feature that enhances the bass in tracks.


Additionally, Nothing Ear and Ear (a) supports ChatGPT support, but only on Nothing smartphones. ChatGPT will work as a voice assistant that can answer any questions users may have.

Nothing Ear and Ear (a) is already available for pre-order at a price of $149 (~14 thousand rubles) and $99 (~9.3 thousand rubles), respectively. Sales will begin on April 22. [The Verge]

Source: Iphones RU

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