A ransomware group called “Qiulong” has compromised hundreds of data from Brazilian healthcare and aesthetic companies. Among the “seized” files are private photos of customers. as ISH Tecnologia, a cybersecurity company, announced this Tuesday (23).

The recently revealed group published details of the malicious activity on its own dark web page. Images of companies that did not pay the ransom within the stipulated time. The authors also said that attempts to contact victims and inform them of the data theft were ignored.

In the document, Qiulong states that he has Nude patient images and confidential information recorded during aesthetic and health procedures. In addition to the financial and contractual data of the companies targeted by the cyber attack, archived messages and e-mails were also seized.

There is no further information yet regarding the strategy used by the new ransomware group in this campaign. Moreover It is not known whether the attack was directed at only one or more healthcare companies or which company(s) these companies were..

How to protect yourself from ransomware attacks?

According to ISH Tecnologia, some Simple precautions can help companies protect themselves against attacks like this one by the Qiulong ransomware group:

  • Make continuous updates to the operating system of all computers by installing the latest security patches;
  • Store backups in secure locations, preferably outside the main network;
  • Use security solutions such as reliable antivirus and firewall, make constant updates;
  • Monitor the network for suspicious activity and implement intrusion detection tools;
  • Narrow the attack surface by limiting user access privileges to what is necessary.
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The company reported continues to investigate the incident and disclose new details about this malicious campaign as soon as they are detected.

Source: Tec Mundo

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