The Mac Studio is a small but powerful computer, although it turns out that it won’t be a device for all users.

Do you like Mac Studio? We loved this new concept from Apple. new computer hammerhowever, it may not be an option for everyone due to its features and functionality.

What type of users is Mac Studio for? This new device is for those who want professional use and maximum customization. We tell you what uses you can give and whether it is a computer for you.

For users who want power, but not too much

With the Mac Studio specifications approved, we can conclude: It’s a Mac that sits on top of the iMac and Mac Mini, but no match for the Mac Pro.. So it might be a good buy if you’re looking for something powerful, but it doesn’t represent an overly high price.

While the Mac Studio has the M1 Ultra Chip, which outperforms Intel processors like the Xeon W, Mac Pro is still the most powerful computer Thanks to the inbuilt features that Apple currently has in their stores.

Are you a user who wants to edit 4K videos? Mac Studio might be for you. Do you do audio editing work or program applications for Apple? This computer can also be very useful for you.

You can do a lot more than an iMac, Mac Mini, or even an Intel-based MacBook Pro.however, its strength is not as great as long-term 8K video editing or virtual reality applications, an area in which the Mac Pro perfectly masters.

I should buy a Mac Studio

Mac Studio is a professional computer above iMac and Mac Mini.

Mac Studio is ideal for using your own monitor, keyboard or mouse

Mac Studio is a reduced size device.The main feature is its wide variety of ports, among which are: USB-A, HDMI and Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C).

Thanks to these various ports You can use your own monitor to run the job in your Mac Studio. You can purchase the new Apple Studio Display panel and upgrade it, use the panel on your old iMac, or connect your favorite gaming monitor.

You will also have the ability to use external devices such as keyboards. While the best option in terms of compatibility is still the Magic Keyboard, You can use that old keyboard you keep in your apartment, or you can even use your computer’s mechanical keyboard. actor. The same happens with the mouse, as this computer will be compatible with wired or wireless models.

It also highlights the new Mac Studio has an SDXC memory card readeris compatible with all formats currently available on the market. This might be interesting to you as you will have one more option to save your files and you won’t find it on other devices like the MacBook Pro.

Mac Studio is the professional version of Mac Minitherefore it is for users who need a high-spec computer that is portable and also not as expensive as the Mac Pro. The price is reduced and you can configure it because you don’t need to buy a monitor, keyboard or mouse. according to your needs.

Source: i Padizate

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