The Ministry of Labor proposed increasing the cost of living in 2025 by almost 15%, up to 17.7 thousand rubles. The corresponding document was published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The Ministry of Labor proposed increasing the cost of living in 2025

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It is proposed to set the living wage for the active population at 19.3 thousand rubles, for retirees at 15.2 thousand rubles, and for children at 17.2 thousand rubles.

According to the department, the annual increase in the cost of living per capita will be 2.2 thousand rubles, for the working population – 2.4 thousand rubles, for retirees – 1.9 thousand rubles, for children – 2.2 thousand rubles.

The cost of living is used to evaluate the needs of citizens. In addition, the size of social payments depends on it.

In 2024, the cost of living in Russia will be 15.4 thousand rubles per capita, 16.8 thousand rubles for the working population, 14.9 thousand rubles for children, 13.2 thousand rubles for retirees.

  • Previously, Picodi analysts put together a conditional basket containing the food products necessary to meet the minimum nutrient needs of an adult. In January 2024, in Russia the cost of such a basket is estimated at 6,533 rubles per month.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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