The author of the grandiose project to open the Qiddiy zone in Saudi Arabia announced the creation of another unique facility in it. In the absence of this popular implementation of utopian methods – a giant water park – deserts arise. Based on the surname “Aquarabia” (Aquarabia), it was divided into two categories: do not use any additional elements that can be used in construction.

Project Aquarabia

The aquarium has 22 water attractions included in a single system. Firstly, the water depth is 1690 m. The duration of the section where the trains are located is 15 minutes. The main part of the name “Blessed Porridge” (Wadi Tahaddi) is provided. There is also a cradle and a surf generator. It uses Endless Surf technology so it can be used by surfers of any skill level.

Project Aquarabia

The disadvantage of the project is created on its own – it does not require the use of gigantic waters, which limit the operation of a water park of this scale. The poet is going to be used as a multinational organization, and the first step, however, is to pour in to water the vegetation in Qiddiya. The construction of the water park has been announced and is scheduled to be commissioned in 2025. year.

Source: Tech Cult

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