The Ministry of Economic Development has determined the rules for patenting IT developments. Companies will be able to obtain the rights to the developed algorithms and market them. The corresponding order is published on the website of legal acts.

The Ministry of Energy simplified the patenting of computer developments

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To obtain legal protection for an invention, the developer will need to confirm the functionality of the technology using real devices.

Previously, such software patents were not granted due to a lack of rules, and IT developments were protected only by copyright, which protected the design and code on paper, but not the principle of operation of the product. This led to competitors copying the developers’ idea.

The changes will help Russian developers protect their innovative solutions, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maxim Kolesnikov told Vedomosti.

The department’s order states that software algorithms based on the operation of a program on a specific device that allow specific results to be achieved are subject to patent protection.

Additionally, the developer’s application must contain a description of the operation of the technologies underlying the software product. The rules also included the term “artificial intelligence.” The invention is protected for 20 years.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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