A. geonav is a Brazilian technology solutions company offering portable and wired chargers, headsets, general peripherals, smart home devices and more.

The brand is widely seen with its products at retailers such as Amazon, Fast Shop, Casas Bahia and others. very affordable and attractive prices.

And right now Geonav has a Offers up to 60% off on Amazon websiteoffers its successes and news at even more attractive prices.

See some deals TecMundo divided:

Geonav offers available on Amazon

  • Universal Portable Charger 6,000mAhGeonav PB6kWT with 2 USB 2.1A ports, LED battery indicator, R$ 65.00,
  • 10,000mAh Universal Portable ChargerGeonav PB10KWT with 2 USB ports + 1 USB-C port, LED battery indicator, R$ 89.90,
  • Universal Portable Charger 20,000mAhUSB-A (up to 18W) + USB-C (up to 20W), Quick Charge, Passthrough, Battery Indicator LED, Geonav PB20K20WSG for R$ 179.00,
  • Universal Ultra Fast Dual Charger1 X USB-C Power Delivery 20W, 1
  • 10W desktop induction chargerglass, fast charging, compatible with Android devices and iPhones with Qi standard, Geonav QI10WG for R$ 89.00,
  • Wired Flexible HeadphoneIn-Ear, with microphone, magnets in capsules, 1.2 meters, Geonav ESFNRG for R$ 19.00,
  • AerJoy Bluetooth HeadsetFoldable On-Ear, Sync via App, Headphone finder function, AER from Geonav AER13WT for R$ 129.90
  • Smart Object FinderApple Find My Network Certificate, Geonav TLCFBK for R$ 148.60
  • bluetooth speaker5W RMS, up to 12 hours autonomy, Waterproof, TWS Connection, AER from Geonav AERBOX 2 for R$ 105.90
  • 9W Smart BulbE27, 16 million colours, Dimmable, App Control, 810 Lumens, Bivolt, compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Hi by Geonav, R$39.00
  • Smart Digital Electronic LockZigbee – Biometrics, Passwords, Card, App and Mechanical Key, compatible with Alexa, Fortezza FZE01BK for R$599.00
  • Bluetooth Digital LockCovering, 4 opening modes, Waterproof, Fortezza F-D10 for R$ 439.00
  • Zigbee + Wi-Fi Automation CenterApp, compatible with Alexa, Hello from Geonav HIZWFI, for R$ 270.90

For other offers, visit the promotional action page on Amazon. Note that promotional values ​​are valid for a limited time and offers may expire at any time.

Source: Tec Mundo

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