The Wall Street Journal published a video in which it showed what happens to iPhones that are traded.

USMP, one of the shipping partners, handled more than 2.5 million devices in 2022, most of which are iPhones. While WSJ journalist Joanna Stern has visited the USMP, 3,000 have been admitted during that time. The iPhone program is powered by one of the US operations.

Start passed in exchange for the iPhone 11 and saw the whole process. The processing process of this iPhone 11 is made up of four steps: deleting data, cleaning, sorting, and repacking. 70% of smartphones are trade-in, go through these stages and go to wholesalers, and 30% are sent to the Back in Box subsidiary for cleaning, repair and sale to buyers on Amazon or the Back Market.

How it all happens:

Business owners receive a margin from the sale of such gadgets in the region of 10-15%, usually up to $100. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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