Icebreaker “Russia”, Image: Rosatom

According to the winner of the Russian Premier League Denis Manturov, who is Prime Minister Mikhail Mistin, the nuclear-powered icebreaker Rossiya, currently operating in the Far Eastern Zvezda, will approximately be ready by 2030. The icebreaker’s power plant will produce a record power of 120 MW.

“Russia” is in the same class as a nuclear-powered ship and such a serious explosion – the icebreaker will be able to easily overcome 4-meter-high ice, laying 50-meter-wide channels. Please note that Rosatom must be included in the scope of this vessel.

In addition, the manturobolic icebreakers pr.22220 represented by the Atik, Sibir and Ural, called “at the end of this year, Chukotka with Leningrad will be developed at different stages of construction, Stalingrad will be closed in 2025 year.

Source: Tech Cult

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