Wildberries began testing industrial robots in its warehouses. The company wants to introduce devices that work in sorting centers, the market’s press service reported in a statement.

Wildberries began testing industrial robots in warehouses

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Prototypes of transport robots are tested at the Koledino warehouse. The device was jointly developed with the company AstaBot, says Wildberries, and is capable of carrying loads of up to 350 kg.

The robots are capable of moving around the perimeter of the warehouse and navigating in space, avoiding collisions and other incidents. The robot can operate automatically or manually.

According to the market’s innovation director, Pavel Sapogov, the robotization of warehouses will speed up the delivery process. The company will continue to develop this area.

In early March, Yandex Market began using a new warehouse robot model, Roboruka, in its Superwarehouse (Sofyino-2). Retailer Vkusvill uses special AGV robots in its warehouses.

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