JSC JSCB Novikombank (part of Rostec) announced a change in positioning and corporate identity. The rebranding was necessary to announce to the market its ambitious plans for the coming years: to become the leading bank for Russian engineers and strengthen its status as a key financial link in the country’s technological development.

Novikombank made the first rebrand in history

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Novikombank has existed since 1993. Since 2016, the company’s main shareholder is the state corporation Rostec. Since its establishment, the bank has focused on supporting domestic high-tech companies from various industries. Today it is one of the largest financial organizations in Russia in terms of assets.

The bank’s immediate plans include significantly expanding its client base by providing financial instruments for the implementation of projects to large industrial companies, small and medium-sized businesses and employees of partner companies. The rebrand aims to demonstrate this strategy to the market.

The new name of the bank is NOVIKOM. It reflects the company’s values: innovation, visionary, constructive, craftsmanship. And brevity corresponds to the spirit of the times: ever-increasing speeds and the desire for maximum efficiency.

The updated logo emphasizes the bank’s positioning – the Russian engineering bank. The central element of the image is the drawing: this is where the life of innovative projects begins. Also there you can see an image of a bank card and the initial letter of the company name. This variability reflects the multidimensionality of NOVICOM’s capabilities.

Futuristic purple and lilac and technological graphite were chosen as the main colors. The range reflects the progressiveness of the brand, its openness to new ideas, but at the same time emphasizes the fundamental approach to work. Additional colors: yellow, green, orange – act as accents and help make the brand visually more memorable and attractive.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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