the company behind Pegasus spywareA big hit in 2021 NSO Group He applied to the United States Supreme Court to try to get rid of a lawsuit brought by Whats upAs detailed by Israel Times on Monday (11). The lawsuit is accused of attacking 1,400 messenger employees with malware.

developer spyware He asked the Court to be recognized as an agent of a foreign government that would grant him immunity under US law. The appeal came after federal courts rejected similar claims defended by the Israeli firm.

According to the NSO Group, these previous decisions offered differing views on his request, mainly based on the Supreme Court’s intervention. He also argues that such a problem could have significant national security implications around the world.

For the company, the denial of immunity in the WhatsApp case sets an important precedent, causing disruption to government agencies’ military and intelligence operations if sued. There is no deadline for the court’s response to a request for review.

More problems to solve

In addition to the lawsuit filed by WhatsApp, where Meta asked for the attacks to be “immediately stopped”: spyware, the developer is facing several other legal battles. against one of them appleHe sued the Israeli company for the invasion of iPhones with Pegasus.

It’s also worth remembering that the person responsible for the malware was placed on a “negative list” by the US Department of Commerce because of the threat to national security it represents, according to the agency. As part of the group, he begins to suffer a series of restrictions.

criticized for providing tools for extreme governments Spying on its competitors, the company claims it sold Pegasus to law enforcement only to catch criminals and terrorists.

Source: Tec Mundo

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