In social networks, cases of suspicious Elongated Clouds have been identified, which were unexpectedly discovered over a lazy mountain in Alaska. Eyewitnesses made enough observations during the 45 seconds of his flight to understand that this was not the case. But what it is – still no one knows.

Perhaps the strangest thing here is the behavior of the authorities. Pilots who said they didn’t find anything. Nobody believed in this idea, and then the fabrics were hastily forwarded to the military. The photo shows his contrail, and nothing more.

no one noticed, and why there was a large direction towards the ground, no one began to explain why. There are no problems, because there will be no limits on the share of official services. And in general, now the situation is tense in the world, there is a powerful information confrontation between the West and the East, with massive fakes and disinformation. So why waste time studying a suspicious phenomenon, no matter how strange it may seem?

Unknown flying object

Source: Tech Cult

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