Microsoft aims to expand Copilot to messengers. Starting with Telegram last week, the company launched its “co-pilot for social” project focused on embedding the virtual assistant with productive artificial intelligence (AI) in more access points.

HE The first step of the project is the Microsoft Copilot bot on Telegram. The tool works very similar to the Microsoft Edge integration, allowing you to freely interact with the chatbot through texts asking for review suggestions, ideas, tips on various topics, and answers to quick questions.

The interaction is quite direct, but requires the user to provide their own phone number — this could be seen as unnecessary data sharing. According to Microsoft, this information is required for security reasons, but it is stated that the queue is not stored anywhere other than the chat itself.

Currently the Copilot bot for Telegram is in the experimental phase. Available to everyone on messenger by meverified contact @CopilotOfficialBot — you can find it by searching for “Co-Pilot” in the platform’s search bar.

Available in Brazil

Apparently, the tool works in every country where Telegram is available, except for countries with AI restrictions. However, the first contact takes place in English.

After you provide the phone number, Copilot offers a short tutorial that includes the commands “/ideas” to request sample prompts, “/share” to share the chatbot with friends, and “/restart” to start the conversation from scratch.

HE The chatbot also mentions that there is a daily limit for interactions Via Telegram: 30 interactions. The restriction likely exists to control transaction demand on the company’s servers and reinforce the tool’s purpose: quick interactions via messages.

It’s worth noting that Copilot for Telegram is in Beta, so it may make bugs and present errors more frequently than usual.

Source: Tec Mundo

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