Norwegian startup Exotek has introduced a new electric ATV called Exoquad. It is aimed at people with special physical abilities who want to visit the most difficult places. The device is intended for non-standard modifications, some of which differ from others, which do not have an engine at all.

The new Exoquad has a lightweight aluminum frame and a reusable frame. The rear-wheel drive version uses 3.5 kW each. In the all-wheel drive version, two engines are installed on single wheels. The system is equipped with a power of 48 and costs 2.1 kilowatts. In addition, the bike is equipped with off-road tires, hydraulic disc brakes and shock absorbers at the front and rear.

The battery is designed for 4 or 6 cases in one riding mode. The electric motor can reduce the speed to 6 km/h on the ground floor and up to 15 km/h in 2WD range. In this case, both 2WD Exoquad and 4WD Exoquad are available, priced at $14,109 and $17,365 respectively. The non-motorized version costs $7,814.

Source: Tech Cult

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