One Apple fan suggested a LEGO design set that is sold in the Apple Store. He proposed his idea in the corresponding section of the site, where you can submit your concepts for sets, and they can be published in the future.

His set doesn’t try to duplicate any particular Apple store. It uses the basic Apple Store style.


There’s an all-glass façade with potted trees, employee minifigures in classic blue Apple shirts, and an upstairs area accessible by stairs.

Inside there are tables with various iPhones and Macs on banners, a headphone compartment and a box of equipment on shelves. There’s also a colorful display upstairs, a large white Apple logo at the front of the store, and an outside area that houses large versions of some of Apple’s most iconic products.

If the LEGO Apple Store reaches 10,000 signups, the company will consider it for an official retail set. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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