Very soon, on June 4, a large-scale conference dedicated to modern technologies in the global food industry will be held in Moscow – Deep Food Tech 2024 from the company EFKO and RB.RU. Traditionally, the “Food Alley of the Future” will operate throughout the day of the event, a platform where manufacturers will present their products. We tell you what alternative food you can try this year.

“Food Alley of the Future” at Deep Food Tech Conference 2024: what you can try this year

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The “Food Alley of the Future” will include 12 stalls. One of them will host Hello! (owned by EFKO) is a producer of plant-based meat and milk. The brand’s product range includes cutlets, meatballs, nuggets and dumplings made with textured vegetable protein, as well as alternative milks with various flavors and additives. In addition to this Hello! It will feature candy and ice cream with sweet protein.

PRANA food will present functional nutrition made from plant ingredients: nutritious smoothies from vegetables, fruits and berries, a variety of sweets and sugar-free chocolate.

The Makosh company is engaged in deep processing of industrial hemp seeds. At their booth you will find purified hemp seeds, cold-pressed hemp oil, hemp protein flour, hemp fiber, and hemp plant drink.

Rawish will offer conference guests tonics and lemonades based on sugar-free herbal, berry, fruit or flower extracts, as well as kombucha. And “Aiskro” – Greek ice creams and yogurts made from farm milk, protein ice creams and sorbets made from freshly squeezed fruit juices and unsweetened berry purees, innovative ice creams with a vitamin complex.

Also in the “Food Alley of the Future” there will be dietary supplements, new generation vitamins and minerals from Avicenna and fiber from NPO BIFIPRO LLC, a three-stage system of rehabilitation and care of the microbiome from NVP BashInkom, innovative baby foods from the Leatles, healthy puree in soft packaging from Nutrino Lab, freeze-dried products from BioProduct LLC and the Dobry Perekus company.

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