Technology is so present in our lives that sometimes it turns into a buzzword. This is the case of services that have become so commonplace that they have become a metonymy. Who never called steel wool Bombril or flexible rods Cotonete?

In other words, figure of speech is an expression that we use to talk about a part of something as a whole. This is also the case with Uber, TikTok, WhatsApp and more.

These companies have become the shortest way to say things. Check it out below 7 tech companies or services that have become metonyms.


Google is the most used search engine worldwide. The number is impressive: When they went to investigate a question, More than 94% of people use Google on their mobile device or computer.

The brand’s presence in our minds is so strong that it has turned into a metonymy, an expression we use to indicate that we are doing a search or research on the internet. Whether it’s on a social network, a news portal, or even Bing or Yahoo! It doesn’t matter if it is done on another search engine such as.

2. Send a Zap

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application. Although the company does not disclose exact figures, it is estimated that there are currently more than 2 billion active users of this platform.

In fact, the presence of WhatsApp in Brazil is very meaningful. In 2022, the Datafolha survey found that 92% of respondents said they used the Meta app. It’s no coincidence that it’s “send a zap” (kind of a nickname people give it). APPLICATION) is an expression used to indicate that we will send a message to someone.

Even if this is done through another network (such as Telegram or Instagram DMs) or even through some phone services (when someone still uses their mobile phone to send SMS).

3. Call an Uber

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The same logic applies to the transportation services provided by applications. Although we currently have several platforms of this type (like 99, InDrive, Ladydriver, Cabify and others), It’s very common for people to say they’ll “order an Uber” even if they use other apps..

This makes sense considering the company’s history. Uber came to Brazil in 2014, becoming the first startup in this sector. It is estimated that 125 million Brazilians have used the Uber app at least once in their lives.

Although it may seem small, it is worth saying that the number corresponds to approximately 80% of the country’s adult population.

4. Order iFood

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iFood is a company similar to Uber in its pioneering spirit. It was published in São Paulo on May 15, 2011, and was run through a printed food catalogue. The following year, in 2012, the company switched to catalog online Available for mobile devices.

Since then the story has been well known. Today, iFood operates in 1,700 cities, with 43 million monthly active users and 330,000 registered restaurants. For this reason, It’s no coincidence that so many people say they’ll “order iFood” even if you use another food delivery service.

5. Listen to Spotify

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Spotify is a streaming service streaming of music, digital audio file and video launched on October 7, 2008. It is an aggregator created in Sweden and only became truly known after coming to the United States in 2011.

The platform is currently available in at least 65 countries and arrived in Brazil in 2014. The main application used to listen to music worldwide. So much so that it’s quite common for people to listen to a song on Spotify and then stream it to YouTube, Apple Music or Deezer.

6. View TikTok

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TikTok was created in 2014 by a Chinese company, still under the name The idea of ​​the app was to allow people to post their videos lip-syncing to songs. Founded in 2011, it was riding a wave similar to that of the Snapchat app.

TikTok’s success was so great that other social networks began copying its features. This is the case with Reels on Instagram and Shorts on YouTube. But despite these “competitors,” people continue to say they will “watch TikTok” even if they are accessing videos on other social networks.

7. Watch Netflix

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Netflix was founded in 1997 and had a very different function: andIt is a movie rental service through orders with delivery and returns by courier..

The company would only begin to grow in 2002 when it went public and began raising funds to expand the operation.

In 2006, the service already had more than 5 million subscribers. Today it is seen as a platform for this. streaming There is the most traditional one. So much so that it’s very common for people to say they’re watching Netflix while accessing Prime Video, Max, Disney+, Star+, Apple TV+, or any of the dozens of services currently available.

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