The essence of deception is that scammers look for a potential victim and pretend to be a support service of a telecom operator. Instilling in the victim the need for certain actions, the person is asked to dial a certain number – a USSD command – a series of numbers and symbols. According to the scenario, it is necessary to dial this number to combat the leakage of customer data, but actually forward SMS to the phone of the intruders.

Taras Tatarinov told us how not to be fooled by this deception. According to him, the SMS code that confirms the withdrawal is called two-factor authentication and this has always been a big problem for scammers. That’s why they’re constantly finding ways to get these codes.

The expert explained how to protect yourself in this situation: “It is very simple to defend. For any suspicious call, you must tell yourself that he will call you back and hang up. After that, you need to dial not the number from which they called you, but the short phone number that each mobile operator or bank has, ”says Tatarinov.

Source: Ferra

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