A bot called “Yabeda” has appeared on Telegram, which independently collects complaints about the dishonest behavior of electric scooter renters. A complaint prepared by the bot can be sent directly to the kicksharing service to hold its customers accountable.

Link of the day: Telegram bot that denounces the dishonest behavior of “scooters”

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To file a complaint, it is necessary to indicate the city, the reason for the complaint, for example, about a scooter abandoned in the wrong place, as well as the service to which it belongs. Below is an example of what Snitch is capable of.

“Remember that the objective of the complaint is not to put pressure on a specific person, but on the operating company,” the robot points out when preparing the complaint.

Many kicksharing services and third-party developers have released bots with similar functionality, but they differ from each other in functionality and ability to help file complaints.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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