Meta announced during the Meta Talks event this Thursday (06): WhatsApp gains a new payment method via Pix. This feature will be used for users who want to pay for a service or product into their corporate messaging app account.

Since last year, the most popular application in Brazil has been the execution of transactions via credit and debit cards through the software itself. Now people will be able to purchase something and be directed to banking services to complete the transfer.

Depending on the holding company that owns the app, small, medium or large companies will be able to embed their Pix keys into WhatsApp Business.

The new feature is coming to some users starting today. HE the rest will gradually take the supply.

“The expansion of payment functionality to medium and large companies and integration with PIX will reduce friction in the shopping experiences that already happen on WhatsApp today,” said Guilherme Horn, Head of Strategic Markets at WhatsApp.

More features for WhatsApp Business

Additionally, at the Meta Conversations event held for the first time in Brazil, the big tech announced more news for WhatsApp Business.

Check out what other tools are coming to the commercial version of the messaging app below:

  • Artificial Intelligence Assistant: Starting from July WhatsApp Business will get Portuguese version of Meta AIEnterprise users with the language model Llama 3 will be able to ask questions and interact with a virtual assistant with the AI ​​tool, for example, to create new ads. Business owners will be able to continue automating the service so that AI can answer the questions most asked by customers;
  • Verification seal for companies: Business users of WhatsApp Business in Brazil will also be able to: Verify your business with the Meta Verified sealThis assures the customer that he or she is speaking to the company’s genuine contact person. Seal holders will also have improved account support, anti-impersonation protection, and the ability to allow employees to use WhatsApp on multiple devices;
  • Phone calls for large companies: The other feature announced is calling big companies, like banks. Whether it’s to talk about more specific topics or cases that can only be solved by humans, the customer can call to speak directly with representatives with one tap. The new feature is already available and will be rolled out to larger companies in the coming months.

Source: Tec Mundo

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