The best portable batteries for iPhone and other devices

We share a compilation of the cheapest external batteries from Amazon, MediaMarkt and Aliexpress

UGREEN Nexode 5000mAh and 10000mAh Portable Battery

Summer holidays are approaching—yes, they’re almost here…!—and we find ourselves at the perfect time to not only finish the bikini waxing operation. Buy a good external battery to accompany us on long journeys by plane, train and car. External batteries for iPhone offer the opportunity to have a large source of extra energy and prevent the battery from draining at the most inopportune moments.

Imagine being in a hotel room during your vacation, eating something nice on the terrace, and about to post on Instagram that great photo you took with your partner on the beach… Ah, uh… your battery is dead! Do not worry, portable batteries You may forget to use the iPhone charger we recommend below.

Without further ado, here we go external battery selection or power banks for iphone. Note that they are also compatible with other smartphones and tablets. They are on sale for a limited time. Happy shopping and… Happy summer!

UGREEN Nexode Power Bank

UGREEN Battery

This battery has a very nice minimalist design

This external battery from UGREEN manufacturer, high energy capacity and fantastic minimalist design. We have reviewed this UGREEN Nexode Power Bank battery before and were absolutely satisfied.

It has a magnetic loop to attach to the back of your iPhone and features wireless charging and fast charging up to 100 meters. 20W. UGREEN also another UGREEN Nexode 5000 mAh battery, but this 10000 mAh version is on sale with a 25% discount and is priced at around 1000 mAh. 45 euros.

UGREEN Nexode Power Bank

UGREEN Power Bank 145W

We continue our compilation of external batteries for iPhone with another portable battery from UGREEN (very good advertising by the way), in this case it reaches a tremendous capacity 25000mAh. It’s a stupid thing that will allow you to charge an iPhone 15 more than 5 times without needing to recharge the battery power.

It also includes fast charging up to 1000 times. 145WSo, if you are going to take your MacBook on a road trip, this will be one of the most recommended portable batteries for you. usual price 119.99 euros and available now 99.99 euros.

UGREEN Power Bank 145W

KLACK Magnetic External Battery

This external battery from the brand KLACK KSAFE has a great discount at MediaMarkt. It normally costs around 30 euros and can only be yours right now 14.95 euros. A 50% discount we can’t ignore.

Available in white color, 15W charging speed, capacity 5000mAhQi support and a magnetic system.

Qi and MagSafe magnetic external battery

INIU Power Bank

This is a very cheap external battery that is worth it. We have already recommended this portable battery in some cases, and the truth is that it has been very well received by our readers.

Equip one 10000 mAh charging capacity, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port and fast charging. Oh, it also has a built-in flashlight! Its price has dropped since then 29.99 euros until 19.99 euros. However, if you wish, you can also choose to purchase this 27000 mAh battery with a similar design for 17.99 Euros.

INIU Power Bank


We complete our collection of portable batteries for iPhone with a crazy offer of classic batteries from Aliexpress. The 10,000 mAh external battery with fast charging has since been reduced. 26.46 euros just until 0.99 euros. Yes, yes, when you read! We checked customer ratings and they have good reviews.


These are the best portable external batteries for iPhone that we offer on different online trading platforms. All of these are good options for making sure your iPhone (or other smartphone) doesn’t run out of battery no matter where you are. As always, we recommend that you choose.

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