This is the British regulator responsible for the security of products and telecommunications infrastructure. According to the requirements, electronics manufacturers that fall into the category of production, import or sale of Internet-connected devices are required to disclose relevant data. Thus, it was learned that Apple has committed to releasing comprehensive software updates within five years from the start of sales.

The seller specifically opened data regarding the flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max. Operating system and security updates will be released until 2028. But then the main patches will fold.

And that’s less than Apple’s main rivals, Google and Samsung. These companies have been continuously releasing updates for their products, including both operating system and security patches, for seven years.

But in fact, Apple maintains the security of its devices for more than five years. As a rule, the company “maintains” devices for quite a long time, monitoring the security quality of even “middle-aged” series.

Source: Ferra

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