The head of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation, Maksut Shadayev, made a number of important statements for business at the SPIEF. According to him, until 2025 all commercial applications to government agencies will be made exclusively electronically. The agency is also considering a federal investment tax deduction for income taxes in the field of AI development.

The head of the Ministry of Digital Development spoke about GPT testing in state services and tax deductions for AI projects

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At the IT breakfast, he said there are options to implement “large projects to implement modern solutions related to artificial intelligence,” reducing costs by using a federal investment tax deduction on profits.

This is an “additional economic incentive” for companies to switch to domestic IT and artificial intelligence solutions, notes Interfax.

Another measure to support Russian technologies will be the introduction of an increased (presumably double) coefficient on the costs of their purchase for clients of domestic IT developments.

“The costs of implementing Russian software will be amortized by a factor of 2. What does this mean? That you spend 100 rubles in 1C, but you reflect 200 in expenses. Consequently, you reduce the income tax base,” Shadayev agency quotes.

At SPIEF, Maksut Shadayev also said that the Ministry of Digital Development has started testing GPT technology (products from Yandex and Sber) in State Services. They will be used “for user consultation.”

Additionally, the department wants to prohibit companies from making requests to government agencies, except electronic ones.

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The head of the Ministry of Digital Development also said that even the postponement of service for IT specialists with secondary education is not discussed.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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