This solution was a response to rapidly growing digital threats and the need for more complex security systems.

Previously, the bank relied on ready-made solutions that did not provide a complete picture of what was happening. Now, with its new cybersecurity platform, Sberbank can collect and process events in real time and effectively respond to any threats.

These AI models perform a variety of tasks. For example, they can recognize fraudulent calls and even “talk” to scammers to protect customers.

AI also helps analyze risks, provide recommendations for responding to threats, and monitor deviations from the normal level of cyber risks.

Sergei Lebed, Sberbank’s vice president for cybersecurity, states that approximately 500 billion cybersecurity incidents are processed daily; This number is 10 times higher than four years ago.

The increase in transactions and changes in digital products make the use of artificial intelligence vital.

Source: Ferra

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