The city is a constant movement. A backpack suitable for him should be practical enough to carry things, but at the same time lightweight, with reliable zippers, a large number of pockets and compartments.

But not only backpacks are needed for everyday life. We’ve found gadgets and accessories that enhance your ultimate comfort level.

Catch and remember.

🟡 Look for more interesting gadgets for the summer in recovery:

1. XD Design Soft Daypack backpack for laptop up to 16 inches.


Closes today’s part of a fashionable and reliable backpack named after that brand. We have already talked about it more than once.

This model is medium size. Volume – 15 liters. Combines a flap with a Fidlock closure and a main compartment clasp puller with a magnetic closure. Everything is made of quality materials and is protected from the water source.

Inside there is a compartment for a fairly large laptop up to 16 inches diagonal. It also has a soft fleece lining, so you don’t have to worry about the device in this condition.

From other countries:

► YKK zippers
► Pocket with zipper on shoulder strap
► Eyeglass loop on the strap

► External bottle pocket
► The following internal pockets for small items
► Removable carabiner for keys
► Hidden pocket for documents on the back

► Magnetic clasp
► Moisture protection and reflective elements
► Strap for attaching to a suitcase

The backpack is made from recycled polyester. Does not heat up and is not respected. Overall, the best choice.

▶︎ Buy: RUB 18,990

2. Smart jump rope Hygear Hyrope


A useful gadget for athletes, especially for owners of smart equipment.

This jump rope works in conjunction with the HYGEAR App. They create personalized work programs based on your performance.

There are libraries of motivational programs for cardio, weight loss and fitness, as well as the ability to customize the program. All necessary measurements are taken by the jump rope itself. In the application you can not only see progress, but also calculate the result in numbers.

▶︎ Buy: RUB 2,190

3. TWS Bose QuietComfort Earbuds


Leading for years is a brand that produces exceptionally high-quality acoustics and headphones.

This model works 6 hours without recharging. The keys provide an additional 24 hours of autonomy.

The acoustic module built into these headphones allows you to reproduce deep low sound and realistic sound regardless of depth. And all this thanks to advanced technology. Active equalizer with volume optimization that automatically adjusts bass and treble. The result is always balance.

Other advantages include excellent noise reduction, which easily adapts to the environment. In transparency mode, you can hear the voices of your interlocutors and the world around you in the same way as if you were without headphones at all.

In addition, users note in reviews that this model has a good microphone. The interlocutors hear them without interference. This is especially true for noisy cities.

▶︎ Buy: RUB 28,990


This is not just a cap, as it seems at first glance. This is a real gadget.

The accessory has built-in headphones for listening to music. The inner circle will not hear it. HAKII MIXC is equipped with speakers and an amplifier that reproduce detailed high frequencies and deep, rich bass.

The cap has IPX5 water protection. Special acoustic mesh in the ports protects against damage. Even the rain is not scary.

Up to 8 hours of wires are provided. 5 minutes at the outlet (yes, we charge the cap) gives an hour of work.

▶︎ Buy: RUB 13,990

5. Electric scooter Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4


One of the gateway gadgets for the urban environment. Especially in summer.

For a smooth and comfortable ride, the 10-inch pneumatic seats provide a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven or rough terrain.

There is an instrument panel on the handlebar that displays the speed, turn signals and remaining distance along with the status of the scooter. There are three driving modes: pedestrian (6 km/h), standard (20 km/h) and sport (25 km/h).

Runs up to 9 hours on a single charge. And the power reserve reaches 60 km.

In addition, there is energy recovery, which allows you to recharge the scooter a little to increase the riding range.

The illumination range of the headlights is up to 8 meters. There is also a rear flashing light.

The 1.5 mm thick frame can withstand static loads of up to 500 kg and dynamic loads of up to 120 kg. There is also an E-ABS braking system.

▶︎ Buy: 66,990 rub.

6. ADO Electric Bicycle A20F Beast Electric Bicycle


If you don’t like scooters, pay attention to the A20F Beast folding fat bike with powerful and grippy 20″x4.0″ wheels.

A single charger covers a distance of up to 70 km at a maximum speed of 35 km/h. Its motor provides a power of 500 W with a torque of 65 Nm. There is a torque sensor that allows you to make the pickup of the electric motor instant and delicate.

There are 7 Shimano speeds in total, there is a suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Full-length metal fenders protect against dirt and splashes, along with an integrated front light.

IPX5 protection and phone case with additional features, USB-C charging allows you to quickly charge your smartphone battery (holder included).

The bike weighs 28.5 kg, the maximum load capacity reaches 120 kg.

▶︎ Buy: RUB 134,990

7. Xiaomi protective helmet.


You need a high-quality helmet for your bicycle or scooter, because this is your safety on the road. And here the brand is also known.

The outer side of the accessory is made of polycarbonate to increase rigidity and shock resistance. There is a flexible adjustment system to tailor the helmet to suit you.

Inside there is an additional protective layer of polystyrene foam, which fits to the head and does not create discomfort when worn.

There’s no need to worry about the heat either. The helmet has 5 vents which are preferable for your head.

▶︎ Buy: RUB 4,690

These and other gadgets can be found in recovery. There’s a lot of choice there.

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