Rospatent accepted Apple Rus’ application and revoked businessman Artashes Ikonomov’s patent on a mobile phone with emergency communications.

Rospatent revoked the patent of a businessman who sued Apple

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As RBC writes, this is also a dispute, the outcome of which will determine the decision on the claim for 295 billion rubles. On June 10, the president of the patent dispute chamber decided to revoke the patent due to its expiration, as well as the exhaustion of the parties’ arguments.

Ikonomov filed a lawsuit against Apple Rus, accusing the company of illegally using a utility model based on his patent in the iPhone with the “Emergency Call – SOS” function.

At the same time, in 2019, the subsidiary of the American company sent a request to Rospatent to declare Ikonomov’s patent invalid, since it did not meet the “novelty” criterion. So the company refused.

This patent expired at the end of 2023. And the businessman himself has 35 more patents. These include personal identification devices for information retrieval, communication between taxi drivers and customers, and others.

As noted by the intellectual property legal advisor of the EDB law firm, Igor Chuschinov, the revocation of the patent will serve as a reason for refusing to satisfy Ikonomov’s claim. However, the employer can still challenge the decision.

The American Apple has not sold its products in Russia since 2022.

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