Mark Robert is today the most famous blogger in the world who makes videos in the science-pop genre. 53.5 million people subscribe to his channel. Each video gets at least 10 million views, most often around 30-60 million.

Large views are explained by the fact that Robert shoots videos that few people can show. In addition, many of the inventions that are shown in the videos are impressive in themselves, which further attracts the attention of viewers.

But it was not always so. Now let’s figure out how he came to this.

1. What they do carefully at NASA

Mark Robert was born in the USA on March 11, 1980. In 1998, he graduated from high school and entered Brigham Young University. In 2004, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and took a job at NASA.

Robert ended up at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He worked there for nine years, seven of which helped develop the Curiosity rover.

He also developed equipment for other NASA missions.

2. What did you do at Apple?

In 2015, Robert got a job at Apple in the special projects department. In 2018, it was revealed that Robert was working on VR projects with a focus on using VR as entertainment in self-driving cars.

Apple and the blogger himself did not comment on this news. In 2017, he said he worked for a “major tech company in the Bay Area” and on a “team making products that haven’t yet been released.”

While working at Apple, the blogger was named in two company patents. Both patents concern VR systems that could be used by passengers in self-driving cars to avoid having to watch traffic while they go about their business.

3. When did I start making videos?

The first video on the blogger’s channel was released on October 30, 2011. It showed Robert demonstrating his costume at the ceremony using two iPad 2s, which made it look like there was a huge hole in the torso.

The video instantly went viral. In one day it received 1.5 million views, which by today’s standards is a good result, especially for a novice blogger.

This video now has 13.9 million views.

4. Most popular videos

“The largest jelly pool in the world. Is it possible to swim in jelly?” – this is the name of the most popular video on Robert’s channel, released in 2019. In five years it received 152 million views.

It took six months to create the pool and process it, but the result met all expectations.

5. How I deceived package thieves

In 2018, a video was released that received 25 million views from men within 24 hours. In this video, he showed how he made a parcel trap from a HomePod box.

It worked like this: a person steals a package from the porch (in the US it is common to place packages at the door, but sometimes they are stolen), and when it is opened, glitter and a stinky smell are sprayed. Hidden inside the box were also four phones that recorded the thieves’ responses.

6. When I left my job at YouTube

Mark Robert is friends with Mr. Beast

Mark Robert has been running his channel since 2011, but until 2020 he combined it with his main job: first at NASA, then at Apple.

In 2020, he left Apple to devote more time to YouTube.

In an interview, he said that it was a difficult decision because he liked his job and until the very end he wanted YouTube to have a permanent hobby.

7. How it helps to educate children

In 2022, Mark Rober launched his own company, CrunchLabs, to instill a love of science in kids through simple, DIY gadgets they can build.

Every month, Mark Robert and his team create a toy that is sent to children. Then the children assemble it using Robert’s pre-recorded video and simultaneously learn the laws of physics based on it.

Every month there are different toys in the gift box. This could be a drawing of a car, a catapult, a flash lamp, a mirror safe, a boomerang car and much more.

A monthly subscription costs $25, and an annual subscription costs $299. Use kits that are highly favored in the US.

8. How much earnings

Sam Mark Robert doesn’t talk about money. Now his main income is YouTube and the educational project CrunchLabs.

Topic: Who are you, Mr. Beast? We choose the richest YouTube blogger in the world, who has the most subscribers and money

A blogger rarely involves friends in a video. Basically, he receives all the money for his videos from YouTube partners.

According to unconfirmed expenses, Mark Robert’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.

9. Who translates the video into Russian?

Many videos on Mark Robert’s channel can be watched immediately in English. The dubbing studio “Studio Gang” does the translation and dubbing. Mark Robert is voiced by Gleb Orlov.

Video bloggers are also available in 13 more languages, in addition to English. Only there are subtitle options.

10. How many people are on the team?

Mark Robert doesn’t have a big team. Friends and relatives sometimes help him in his videos.

Robert often films the videos himself, and he also edits them himself.

CrunchLabs is run by a “small, fun team of designers and nerdy engineers,” but the blogger does not say exactly how many employees work in this company.

11. Where does he live?

Mark Robert lives in Sunnyvale, California. He was created in this city in 2015, when he started working at Apple.

Robert often films videos from his home and in his yard.

Mark’s brother named Brian lives in Sunnyvale, who works as a construction worker and sometimes helps in filming videos. The video about the world’s largest jelly pool was filmed right in the backyard of Brian’s house.

Mark Robert is a leader in his field

Mark Robert has managed to turn his passion for science and technology into a popular YouTube channel. Its content is both educational and entertaining, and voice acting in several languages ​​only increases views.

In addition, the blogger pays great attention to charity, participating in various initiatives and environmental communities.

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