As we get closer to launch Galaxy Z Flip 5details began to surface more regularly. In February, we learned that the display on the deck will be much larger than the one on Galaxy Z Flip 4. Now rumors suggest the new foldable will be the first of its kind with two invisible deck screens.

According to renders released in a recent SuperRoader video, the dual-lid Galaxy Z Flip 5 displays will make the foldable model stand out from other similar devices. The two screens are very different in size and seem to serve two different functions.

Rendering of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with two screens.

The smaller screen, which matches the Flip 5’s two cameras (which have been flipped 90 degrees compared to the Flip 4), seems to function as a notification center of sorts. The small screen renders show the time, date, phone battery life, and a few AR emojis on the screen to free up space on the big screen.

S23울트라 사용중인데 저는 무조건 플립5를 살겁니다😁

While it’s only used to display the background of photos in leaked renders, the larger screen is more likely to be used as a way to interact with the phone normally without having to fully reveal it. Since the main information seems to be moved to the smaller screen, there will be plenty of room on the larger home screen for extra things like doing other tasks, as well as additional widgets. The news also comes after leaker Ice Universe claims the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s display will be 3.4 inches and will “take up most of the footprint” of the phone’s front.

With a dramatic increase in size compared to the Z Flip 4, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 may feel completely different as you won’t be as constrained as its predecessor with its smaller screen. In fact, it looks like the Flip 4’s screen protector features could be carried over to the smaller Flip 5 screen protector, making the upcoming foldable smartphone a notable step forward in terms of functionality.

If the leaked information is correct, then the Galaxy Z Flip 5 looks set to be one of the most impressive foldable devices to hit the market in 2023. Let’s hope he can land when the information is officially confirmed. .

Source: Digital Trends

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