The Solar Staff platform for working with freelancers announced a change in rates for clients and artists starting August 1. The new rates will depend on the artist’s tax situation and the company’s turnover on the service, the company said.

Solar Staff, a platform for working with freelancers, will eliminate withdrawal fees starting August 1
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The service will reportedly be cheaper for companies that work with freelancers and individual entrepreneurs.

  • The fee for customers will range from 4% to 9% of the transaction. A minimum tariff of 4% will apply when paying to freelancers and sole traders, regardless of the company’s turnover in the service.
  • When working with individual artists, the fee will be calculated based on the company’s average turnover on the service.
  • Artists no longer have to pay withdrawal fees. In this case, the client can “subtract” 1% from his fee with the contractor; In this case, an amount of 1% less will be credited to the balance.
  • Starting June 20, 2024, the internal exchange rates of the dollar and euro to the ruble in Solar Staff are updated based on the exchange rate of partner banks.

In November 2023, Solar Staff introduced a mandatory fee for withdrawal of any amount for artists. The company made this decision in the context of the increasing cost of the infrastructure that guarantees the operation of the service.


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