The family of Alejandro Otero from Florida filed a lawsuit against NASA for $80,000. Space debris crashed through the roof of his house.

NASA sued for $80,000 over space debris
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According to The Guardian, the Otero family is represented by the law firm Cranfill Sumner. The lawsuit claims that on March 8, 2024, a piece of space debris crashed into the house, damaging the ceiling and floor and possibly hitting Daniel’s son, who was two rooms away.

NASA itself said it was space junk. In 2021, a US mission dropped a metal pallet containing used batteries from the ISS.

It was expected to burn up in the atmosphere, but the fragment, which weighed about 700 grams and measured about 10 by 4 centimeters, survived and crashed into a house in the city of Naples.

The Oteros are seeking damages for uninsured property, business interruption, emotional distress and the cost of third-party agency work.

“If the debris had fallen a few kilos to the side, it could have caused serious injuries or death,” said family lawyer Micah Nguyen Worthy. The lawyer added that this case is intended to set a precedent for space debris lawsuits.

NASA will have six months to respond to the claim.

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