Chinese telecommunications giant China Mobile (the world’s largest mobile operator) introduced the first SIM card that features a RISC-V processor. This faster and more productive SIM card takes the quality of mobile communications to a completely different level. provides details.

China Mobile: “Super SIM Card” introduced in China
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The invention is already known as a “super SIM card”; It was built on the basis of the CC2560A single-chip controller from the American company Texas Instruments. The core clock frequency is 120 MHz, the amount of flash memory is 10 times greater than in conventional SIM cards. It is used to store numbers and other data.

China Mobile responded that the SIM card processor is necessary to increase Internet speed and improve signal quality. In addition, a “super SIM card” is much more secure than a regular SIM card because it supports hardware encryption, signal masking, and card cloning protection technologies.

These cards are not physical, but eSIM, that is, integrated. They not only support 4G, but also 5G and 5.5G. They operate in the range of -40℃ to plus 85℃.

For now, “super SIM cards” will not be used in smartphones. First of all, these cards are needed for remote access equipment and systems. In addition, they are planned for use in electric scooters, rental scooters and smart advertising signs. They can also be used for travel cards, student cards, crypto wallets or a digital car key.

We previously wrote that the FSB plans to restrict the sale of SIM cards to Russians.

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