SberMarket announced a rebrand: it is now called Cooper. On July 1, the company launched brand advertising and rebranded its website and social media pages. The service promises delivery in 20 minutes.

“SberMarket” was renamed “Cooper”
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The message says that “the new name means ‘buy’ and ‘Cooper Couriers’ will deliver the goods. Iran is “gradually updating” its uniform to a “fresher and brighter” one.”

The basis of the new corporate identity is the lowercase lettering in the logo, neon green, silver white, sky blue, lemon and carrot and a Cooper-shaped icon with a hidden “K” letter.

After the rebrand, the service should get closer to customers, expand its audience and differentiate itself from competitors, head of the service Anastasia Kudryavtseva told TASS.

The upgrade will be carried out in several stages and will last about six months.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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