Scammers began posting remote job offers on Telegram in the name of IT companies. During the “interview”, applicants are asked for personal information and an attempt is made to link the number of a supposedly corporate SIM card to their personal bank account in order to steal money.

Scammers started posting vacancies on Telegram in the name of IT companies
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The posts appear on channels with tens of thousands of subscribers among real job offers from employers, Kommersant writes, citing Jet Infosystems.

The scheme looks like this: Candidates are asked to fill out a Google form and leave contacts or contact the hiring manager directly. By correspondence, applicants are scheduled for a remote interview via Messenger. The candidate is then contacted by a supposed accountant and offers to send him an agreement signed by the manager and a corporate SIM card to link to the bank’s personal account.

Jet Infosystems and specialists recommend checking whether the vacancy you are interested in has been posted on the company’s official website or on job search platforms where job verification and tagging is available.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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