Apple Intelligence, the future AI tool platform for Apple devices, could get more resources from Apple GoogleThe information comes from journalist Mark Gurman. Bloombergconfirmed the partnership in his latest column.

In practice, this means Apple Intelligence’s skillset will have Gemini’s resources working alongside OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which the company has already confirmed as a partner in. Another company that could be close to closing an alliance is Anthropic, responsible for the Claude chatbot.

So far, none of the brands involved have confirmed their presence on Apple Intelligence. According to Gurman, the agreements should only be made public at the launch of the service. This period, scheduled for around September this year, is also likely to mark the start of sales of the future iPhone 16 series and the arrival of the iOS 18 update.

Meta will be excluded from Apple Intelligence

Apple, on the other hand, has “zero interest” in partnering in any way with Meta’s language model, which contradicts some rumors that have been circulating on the subject in recent weeks.

Reasons include: Lack of continuity in negotiations Even the thought of the brand Facebook owner’s services deemed poor quality to those offered by competitors.

AI imaging is one of the functions of Apple Intelligence.

If that were to happen, the partnership would also be unusual due to the relationship between the two companies. Apple has been critical of Meta’s practices regarding user privacy and fees charged for certain services for several years. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg has been harshly critical of Apple’s launch, making them direct competitors in the Virtual Reality (VR) market.

In fact, Apple Vision Pro should also get the AI ​​source platform at some point. But according to the columnist This should only happen from 2025Since portability is still under development due to implementation difficulties in the headset interface.

Source: Tec Mundo

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