Engwe, the company that re-released the M20 fat bike, decided to radically update it and move to version 2.0. Moreover, this design presents the main trends of the ii, against the background of contrast.

The most important thing to understand is the importance of the battery up to 1622, you can travel 260 kilometers in the minimum power limit. In the sports range, you can overcome 110-kilometer distances. However, the use of electrical systems is from 48 to 52 V.

Engwe M20

Many design elements have also undergone changes. Also, the mechanical devices are effective and hydraulic, the rear suspension has been updated. If it works synchronously at low speed, then it can be used. It is difficult to say that it is extremely comfortable. The decoration of the electric bicycle is a new colored lamp, which displays all the necessary information about the train.

The M20 will feature a 750W motor capable of speeds up to 45 km/h and a 7-speed transmission from Shimano. Electric bike taillights and 20-inch wheels. The manufacturer offers the M20 2.0 for $1,499, but you won’t have to pay too much if you hurry. Discounts of $250 and $200 are available for 21 days and 10 years.

Source: Tech Cult

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