The issue is related to CVE-2006−5051, a bug that was patched in 2006 but resurfaced in OpenSSH 8.5p1 in October 2020. The vulnerability affects glibc-based Linux systems using the default OpenSSH configuration. Interestingly, its exploitation does not require user intervention, which poses a significant threat, the researchers write.

Vulnerable versions include OpenSSH versions up to 8.5p1 and 9.8p1. Older versions prior to 4.4p1 are also affected if CVE-2006−5051 and CVE-2008−4109 are not patched. Qualys Threat Research has identified over 14 million potentially vulnerable servers, approximately 700,000 of which are at severe risk.

The OpenSSH 9.8/9.8p1 ​​update is now available but not all Linux distributions have adopted it yet.

Source: Ferra

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