Apple processors have already made it possible to port console-level games to iOS and macOS, and the recent arrival of the A17 Pro chip with hardware-accelerated ray tracing has further highlighted Apple’s “potential” for media authoring in the gaming space. Despite the power of these devices, demand for $50 AAA games on smartphones is still low. But those same games could also thrive on the big screen with Apple TV.

But to truly compete in the gaming market, a new Apple TV model with more advanced chips like the A18 or M4 is needed. 9to5Mac writes that this “Apple TV Pro” could compete with the Xbox Series S, which represents a cheap but powerful gaming solution.

Apple TV could potentially attract developers and gamers by leveraging the existing ecosystem of AAA games available on the iPhone, transforming the device from a set-top box to a gaming console or something similar.

Source: Ferra

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