Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. Don’t use a new robotic packaging system that could be used in any grocery store. Prototypes of the systems that need to be packaged with food products of different sizes and shapes.

They do not postpone their actions without considering the efficiency and effectiveness of their work or want to ensure that delicate products are packed in damage. For this, various data and small robot grippers are used. Priority should be given to instructions before packing, for example: Packed in containers, so they do not suffer.

The idea is interesting, not gothic, commercial system, ska its all, workers in supermarkets not soon. The project will be held at one of the major stadiums and will not be presented to do a huge job. It is necessary to increase the speed of packaging and improve the accuracy of printing products. Unnecessary drowsiness in the absence of a vtomat in addition to self-service checkouts can only slow down. This is traffic in magazines.

Source: Tech Cult

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